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Our gifts are healing, providing a connection and physical representation to their loved one.  Many items allow for "ritual", one of the best ways to help them process loss and find emotional healing.  Your friends and family will be comforted with the thoughtfulness and value of a personal sympathy gift from our site; helping you to make a difference at such a difficult time

If you are unsure as to what to do next, let us suggest the following:

·         Be there, listen, but don’t try to provide answers.

·         Even though they may not respond to your invitations, continue to reach out to them either by phone, email or visit.

·         Hugs are awesome.

·         Share with them a favorite story you have of their loved one.  These are great additions to a meaningful sympathy card.  Snail mail cards are better than email but email is better than not.

·         Remember with them the tough days, the anniversary, the birthday, the father’s day.  Plug them in your phone calendar to help you remember.

Know that by just remembering and reaching out to them, YOU have made a difference.

Every sympathy gift on our site has been carefully reviewed to ensure it is a quality you would be pleased to present.  Most items ship within 1-2 business days and many are wrapped in tulle ribbon and blue tissue paper as standard.  Gift wrapping is not included for memorial stones or gift trees. 
We also offer a unique service that allows for you to offer future smaller tokens of comfort in the days ahead that may be difficult, such as a birthday, anniversary, or holidays. Simply select the date you wish your unique sympathy gift to be sent in the future at checkout.
We have kept our shipping and handling costs as low as possible and not built unseen costs into our products.

Enjoy our FLAT RATE shipping costs:  $4.95 up to $10.00, $8.95 up to $50.00, $11.95 up to $100 and a maximum shipping charge of 11.95  

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