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If your friend or loved one has recently experienced a loss you no doubt are seeking the best way to offer your support and condolences. Sympathy Solutions has been helping individuals receive the comfort and support from their friends and families for over a decade. We know how very important it is for those grieving to receive the support and to gather strength through difficult times. This is a trust we are honored to be given and want to join with you in offering your condolences. 
Every sympathy gift on our site has been carefully reviewed to ensure it is a quality you would be pleased to present.   We understand your desire to offer something quickly because you want to immediately show your compassion, however through our experience we suggest that you offer your immediate support via a visit, phone call or card and follow with a memorial gift. Most newly bereaved will be in a "fog" the first week whether the loss was sudden or anticipated. We highly recommend your sympathy gift be timed to arrive after the funeral when many friends and families need to return to their routines and the loss is settling.
We also offer a unique service that allows for you to offer future smaller tokens of comfort in the days ahead that may be difficult, such as a birthday, anniversary, or holidays. Simply select the date you wish your unique sympathy gift to be sent in the future at checkout.
Maybe in the end, each of us knows that sharing our pain is the only way we can live with the pain. It is 'together' that we heal. We hope to help you reach out and touch someone with your condolences today.


We have kept our shipping and handling costs as low as possible and not built unseen costs into our products.

Enjoy our FLAT RATE shipping costs:  $3.95 up to $10.00, $7.95 up to $50.00, $8.95 up to $100 and a maximum shipping charge of $9.95


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