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Sympathy Solutions was established in Denver, Colorado in 2002 with a mission to change the way individuals are supported and sent condolences in grief and loss and to offer a meaningful way to provide healing support.

Although we believe there is a place for flowers in a funeral or memorial service, too often, these flowers can actually be burdensome to the family, if in excess, and can be another representation of loss as the blooms wither.  Or the sender may not given to the family or their information lost in the service.  Our goal is to provide gifts that can help in their healing process.  These gifts become their connection and a physical representation of their loved one.  Many items provide a means for “ritual”, the hanging of an ornament each year, the planting of a tree, etc. which has been proven as one of the best ways to process loss and support emotional healing.

Our website is also uniquely designed to allow you to support your co-worker, friend or family member in the coming weeks, months and holidays ahead.  The greater need for support comes in the following weeks when friends and families return to their routines.  We know how easy it is to get caught up in the busyness of life and we also know that grief is often travelled alone.  Select any gift, even one of our smaller thoughtful tokens; many priced in the same range as a greeting card, and select the future date of your choice.  Select an upcoming birthday of their loved one, Thanksgiving, Christmas, anniversary or their “angel” anniversary date.  We will send your condolences and remembrance throughout the coming months.

Each gift on our site has been carefully reviewed to ensure it’s a quality you would be proud to send as a gift.  All book selections have been read and endorsed for their purpose.  Don’t be fooled by our “smaller thoughtful tokens” pricing, they are affordable but they are beautiful tokens.  Most gifts are shipped in blue tulle ribbon and tissue paper for the perfect presentation of your thoughtfulness.  Memorial stones and a few items cannot be gift wrapped but come with your gift message.

Sympathy Solutions is dedicated to providing gift selections to partner with you in supporting those grieving.  We have a 100% commitment to customer service and we welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback.  We also will pay it forward for any review given us through Google or Yelp by donating a sympathy gift to a local hospice, hospital or veterinarian office.  Just click below at the bottom under Review Us.  We salute  you for caring!  You will hear the difference you made, when you send a thoughtful gift.

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Keira Rawlings, founder has continued her passion to help those grieving as a several year steering committee member to the Grief Networking Alliance, Denver, CO.  This group has grown from approximately 30 to well over 200 in the community.  The purpose of the Grief Networking Alliance is to allow connections within end of life care and to make known the resources available to those grieving a loss.