Memorial Trees

Blue Spruce Memorial Tree

The Colorado blue spruce is a beautiful evergreen that will grow upwards of 50-75 ft. Their silvery-blue needles give off an aromatic smell that feels like Christmas making it a special holiday gif ... Learn more »

Southern Magnolia Memorial Tree

Southern Magnolia Memorial Tree
This magnificent magnolia tree is known for its deep green leaves and beautiful, fragrant white blossoms. Sending this personalized and thoughtful gift along ... Learn more »

Gardenia Memorial Tree

A beautiful and fragrant gardenia with white gardenia buds ready to flower. This plant arrives ready to bloom shortly after arrival. This is a wonderful memorial gift that will fill any room with a ... Learn more »

Pink Floribunda Memorial Rose Bush

This beautiful blooming pink rose is symbolic of peace, love and devotion. Each rose plant is shipped with many buds ready to bloom.This fragrant bloomer has plenty of flower power and is a hardy g ... Learn more »

Oak Memorial Tree
$64.95 Medium

As a symbol of wisdom, strength and endurance, these gift trees are wonderful sympathy gifts that can last centuries.They will reach for the sky, with some of the memory oak trees ending up over 10 ... Learn more »

Pink Azalea
$67.95 Medium

Blossoming with blushing pink textured blooms set against its glossy green foliage, this gorgeous blooming plant arrives in a unique farmhouse inspired two toned ceramic container imported from Ger ... Learn more »

Memorial Gift Tree

In times of sorrow, you can give a gift of life -- a tree. Planting a memorial tree is a meaningful way to remember and celebrate the lives of the people we love. 

It's an enduring gift f ... Learn more »

Lemon Memorial Tree
$103.95, Large

Memorial Citrus  Lemon Tree — Only Large Available--- Out of stock until June 29th

This Meyer Lemon Tree is known for its fragrant blossoms and delicately sweet fruit used in many cooking ... Learn more »

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