A Journey Through Grief

A Journey Through Grief
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A Journey Through Grief

Gentle, Specific Help to Get Through the Most Difficult Stages of Grieving

Author:  Alla Renee Bozarth

In the long and anguishing journey of grief after the loss of a loved one, Dr. Alla Renee Bozarth sensitively brings a message of assurance, comfort and hope.

Dr. Bozarth will tell you what to expect, what to do, and what to think.  She will help you understand the physical symptoms of grieving, and to express what the loss really means to you.

"Grief is a passion....we can meet it, endure it, and become quiet victors through the honest and courageous process of grieving well."

"It's a book one can read from front to back, or just here and there, but it is a highly powerful book and it made me feel as if I wasn't going totally insane, nor was I at all alone in the way I was feeling."


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