Train of Life

 At birth, we boarded the train of life and met our parents; we believed that they would always travel by our side. However, at some station, our parents would step down from the train, leaving us on life's journey alone. ... Read on »

Planning the Perfect Memorial Candle Light Service

To bring into community grievers utilizing a ritual can be one of the most powerful and meaningful events of remembrance. It can become a family tradition to honor their loved one during the holidays. It can also allow the new griever community in letting them know they are not alone. ... Read on »

What You Can Do For a Person Who is Bereaved

Immediate needs and needs down the road. ... Read on »

Books Recommended for the loss of a child

I read so many books after my 24 year old daughters death. Some I don't remember their names. But I do remember The Shack, Tear Soup, & I Wasn't Ready To Say Goodbye. I even for the first time in my life started reading the bible ... Read on »

A Father's Grief

Men who are confronted with the death of a son, a brother or a daughter need to realize as soon as possible that our usual male tendencies may not be all we need. The fact of death itself should tell us that the normal ways of coping with life aren’t enough. ... Read on »

The Grieving Teen

The teen years are already tumultuous, and the bereaved teen needs special attention. Under ordinary circumstances, teenagers go through many changes in their body image, behavior, attachments and feelings. As they break away from their parents to develop their own identities, conflicts often arise within the family system. Life becomes even more complex when a father, mother or other significant person dies - a shattering experience faced by one child in every ten before the age of eighteen. (See TEEN GRIEF: CLIMBING BACK, a video by Hospice of Metro Denver) ... Read on »

Grief Is Like

One of the difficulties bereaved persons face is how to explain to us how they FEEL when they are grieving. What does it FEEL like to be in the skin of a bereaved person? Is it similar to other experiences in our life? Is there a way we can relate on some level to the pain of grieving persons when we are not grieving ourselves. ... Read on »

Grief Camps For Kids

We are not endorsing or recommending these camps but solely giving a few suggestions of camps that have been serving grieving children. You may search grief camps for kids in your own state as well. ... Read on »

Things for Adults to Do with Grieving Kids

Things for Adults to Do with Grieving Kids ... Read on »

The Death of an Adult Child

The death of any child, regardless of cause or age, is overwhelming to parents, who can never be fully prepared for their child to die before them. Parental grief is intense, long-lasting, and complex. ... Read on »

Bible Verses For Grief

Bible Verses For Grief ... Read on »

Healing Grief in the Workplace

The Stress Doc captures the shock, sadness, and synergy of a Group Grief Intervention. Purposeful group process reveals both how individuals can soulfully empower themselves while the collective sustains the spirit of a recently deceased beloved friend, colleague, and leader. ... Read on »


I could not bear to put a tree up for the first 4 Christmas's after her death. Last year a friend made a suggestion, since she knew that I was going to have to force myself to put one up. She said since the death of her daughter, every year she buys a new ornament and has it engraved for Niki, and she puts the year on each one in remembrance of her. ... Read on »

Helping Yourself Through Grief

Grief is experienced whenever you lose something, or someone, important to you. Grief is so powerful that people sometimes look for ways to go around it rather than experience it. This approach will not work. The best thing you can do for yourself is to work through grief and express your feelings. The following are specific ways to help yourself work through grief. ... Read on »

Memorials After a Suicide: Guidelines for Schools and Families

When a school community experiences the death of a student, there is often the very human tendency to want to do something in memory of the deceased student. These memorials can range from spontaneous tributes piled at lockers or parking spaces to more permanent, lasting tributes like placing plaques in halls or planting trees or gardens in the student’s name. ... Read on »

Heart and Soul - Writing to Heal

Often times throughout the years, I’ve found it difficult to express my feelings verbally. Confused by the turmoil within me, I avoided expressing myself because it would mean that I would have to recognize it, feel it, and even re-live it again; something that I was sometimes not ready to do. Not knowing why, I would find myself writing a poem. There, in only a few layered images, I was able to capture my pain, safely. A poem seemed to embody the experience in such a manner that only I would know the truth, yet while upon reading it, other people’s interpretations would vary, so my feelings could remain safely hidden. ... Read on »

Surviving Suicide

In addition to the help of relatives, friends, and possibly a counselor, the survivor must make efforts to help him/her self. You are the one who sets the pace and limits of your grief. To some extent, you can shorten or lengthen the process of grief depending on your willingness to work through the grief. ... Read on »

Quotes for Healing

Here is a list of sympathy quotes and suggestions to help the grieving process. ... Read on »

A Suicide Survivors Beatitudes

A Suicide Survivor’s Béatitudes ... Read on »

Honoring a Deceased Father on Father's Day

Losing your father can be devastating, especially if you were close to him. You will always miss him, but over the years you will find a way to cope with your loss, and the pain you feel initially with turn into a gentle sadness. He will live on in your memories and in your heart. Every year will bring days when you feel your loss more keenly, such as his birthday, the anniversary of his demise, and of course Father’s Day. ... Read on »

Coping with Crisis; Helping Children With Special Needs

When a crisis event occurs—in school, in the community or at the national level—it can cause strong and deeply felt reactions in adults and children, especially those children with special needs. Many of the available crisis response resources are appropriate for use with students with disabilities, provided that individual consideration is given to the child's developmental and emotional maturity. Acts of healing such as making drawings, writing letters, attending memorial ceremonies and sending money to relief charities are important for all children ... Read on »

Outside Looking In - Accepting a Friends Grief

Grief is perhaps the most deeply personal and mystifying of all human emotions. Some of us seem to express our grief easily, while others struggle intensely to express it at all. Sometimes grief manifests itself as an explosion, but at other times it is nearly invisible-tucked away, safely hidden from view. ... Read on »

Hymns for Grief

Hymns for Grief ... Read on »

How should Christian parents handle the death of a child?

As parents, we cannot imagine a more traumatic experience than losing a child. All parents naturally expect their children to outlive them. Such a loss is an extraordinary out-of-order event that brings with it an overwhelming sense of pain and lingering grief. It is a life-altering experience that presents unique challenges to parents as they seek to rebuild their lives without their child. ... Read on »

Memorializing a Pet

One way to help yourself focus on those positive memories is to develop a memorial to your pet -- a tribute or reminder that will actively help you access and concentrate on those recollections. Creating such a tribute can be an effective tool to help you cope with grief (though it may certainly produce a few tears in the process!), and it will also provide you with a loving reminder of that pet in the years to come. ... Read on »

Do Pets Go to Heaven?

Sooner or later, any discussion of pet loss comes around to this question. You may have asked it yourself -- or, perhaps, you may have wondered how to answer when your child asks it of you. Lengthy articles have been written on both sides of the argument. ... Read on »

Survival Guide for a Season of Loneliness

Despite what well-meaning family and friends may suggest, there is no pat answer or quick fix to loneliness. The isolation of serious or long-term illness simply can't be wished away. The loneliness that accompanies grief often remains throughout the grieving process. ... Read on »

Have You Prepared For End Of Life?

When you face your biggest fear, you are free to truly live. Your 5-minute guide to estate planning. Use these 23 tips to help carry out your wishes, whether you're rich or just hanging on. ... Read on »

Finding The Magic

Sandy is the founder, Chapter Leader, and Newsletter Editor of the Wind River Chapter of the Compassionate Friends. She and her husband Dave have been Resident Counselors in a group home for at-risk youth in central Wyoming for 17 years, and are both actively involved in the Wyoming Association for Child and Youth Care Professionals. Sandy has presented at national conferences for The Compassionate Friends, the Bereaved Parents of the USA and the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. ... Read on »

Love in Action - Helping Your Grieving Friend

I know there was a lot happening around me, but I wasn't paying attention. My mother's death was unexpected. My sister and I were in shock. The most helpful thing one of my sister's friends did for us was to take charge. ... Read on »

Sometimes, Children Know Best

Author and lecturer Leo Buscaglia once talked about a contest he was asked to judge.  The purpose of the contest was to find the most caring child. ... Read on »

Triumph Over Tragedy

When Todd Beamer's father, David Beamer, first heard about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, he was in a meeting in California. His wife, Peggy, was at home in Maryland, running errands. Neither of them had any reason to think that their only son, a 32-year-old husband and father, was involved. ... Read on »

Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. ... Read on »

Creating Memories When Your Baby Dies

When your baby dies, everything you do for and with your baby becomes a very special memory. Because there are so few moments to share during this difficult time, for many parents and families it is important to create tangible mementos of their child. Sometimes they create traditions to honor their baby, or they might make a special keepsake or craft as a gentle reminder. For so many bereaved families, finding meaningful ways to cherish the short life of their baby is significant to healthy healing. ... Read on »

Starting Conversations with Children about Death and Grief

I've spoken with several surviving parents, or care givers that have one thing in common: the wish that their child, or children, will find a place to talk about their loss and share their feelings. I have heard this in numerous ways: He keeps his feelings bottled up inside. She freezes up when I try to talk about Daddy. She just refuses to talk about it with me. ... Read on »



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