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Chill + Spill
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Teens are the most under served individuals in grief. This unique journal workbook is designed with art and is a great way for teens and young adults to process their feelings of loss and crisis. Most parents agree they wish their young adult children would be more open with their feelings, but when they are not this is the solution to allowing them the tools for expression.

Chill & Spill helps youth (11+) find the words to difficult issues they are faced with, while promoting positive coping and adjustment skills. Based in cognitive behavioral, narrative and art therapies, this eclectic journal effectively combines guided creative writing with artistic expression activities - reducing symptoms of trauma, building resiliency, and fostering social and emotional development.

"To work through and complete grief means to face our feelings openly and honestly, to express or release our feelings fully, and to tolerate and accept our feelings for however long it takes for the wound to heal" (Tatelbaum)

37 Full color, plus 70 blank pages.

One sample written page is as follows:

Last Word

Sometimes, you don't get to say everything you wanted to say.  Some things are left unsaid.  Here are some prompts to help you write a letter where you can spill your guts.  When you are finished writing it, tear it out, tear it up, and throw it away so that YOU can have the last word.  Use the other blank pages to write to ANYONE, any place or any situation you want to say goodbye to

Dear _______,

When you left, I felt _____________j.  What I really wanted to say, but didn't was _______________ because ____________.  I remember the time when _____________.  You know, that made me feel ______________.  If we could speak face to face right now, I would say ___________.  I wish that ___________.  If I could, I would _______________.  I am sorry about _______________.  I resent _____________ but I appreciate _____________.  One thing I've learned since then is ________________.  I feel like I've lost _______________, but gained _______________.  Thank you for ________________.


 8.5" x 5.5"

A must for therapists, child life specialists, social workers, and school counselors who seek an age-appropriate tool that is structured, focused and sustainable.  The journal is uniquely designed to reach teens who are relucatnt to communicate, helping them explore both head and heart.


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