Create A New Document

To create a NEW document (resource) click on one of the link buttons on the dashboard. To get to the dashboard you can always click on the icon in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

To edit a resource click on it in the left-hand document tree. Remember, resources with small arrow next to them are folders containing other resources. Click the arrow to view the resources inside.

Clicking to create a new resource will bring up a form with all of the fields you need to fill out - or edit if this is an existing resource. Start at the top and work down the page. DOCUMENT is the top tab. Below that are these fields that need to be filled in:

Title: Title of the article / post

Longtitle: you should probably copy and paste the Title here.

Description: A brief one sentence description of what the post is about. Google uses this.

Summary Text: paste the first paragraph of the post inside here. 

Alias: (to the right side of the page) Paste in the Title here.

Content: Below the top section. This is where you paste your post. You will notice the WYSIWYG editor. Two things to note:

The IMAGE icon is to add images in the content. There is also a Main Image for the post in the Template Variables. (The Main Image goes at the top of the post, always.) Place you cursor where you would like the image to show up in the text and then hit the icon.

2. Headers - if you want something to work as a headline (sub headline) highlight the words and then click on the NORMAL button. It will give you a dropdown menu. Select either HEADING 3, HEADING 4 or HEADING 5. Do not select Heading 1 or 2.


Template Variables are your friend. They make your site cool and they make it perform well with the Google Nazis. 

There is only one tab within. You will see all of the variables for that page when you click on the Template Variables tab: Fill out the information for each, if necessary. Remember to always put in Keywords. Google uses this for search result (SEO) and the site uses it in the Tags section. (See image).

To upload a new image Click on the UP arrow (below).

And drag an image into the box or click to choose one from your computer.

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