Grief Books

Living with Loss, One Day at a Time

Written in a short daily reading format, this essential book provides tools and suggestions that offer hope, optimism, introspection, and self-discovery, this accessible and comforting guide enable ... Learn more »

Healing After Loss Daily Meditations

After the loss of a loved one there is, at first, a great buzz of activity as we make arrangements, as family and friends come together.  There is comfort in those close press of friends, in shared ... Learn more »

10 Steps for Parenting Your Grieving Children

How do you parent a child or adolescent whose loved one or friend has died?  How can you understand what to expect, what to say, and what to do?  10 Steps is a sensitive, to-the-point guidebook tha ... Learn more »

Fire in My Heart, Ice in My Veins Journal

A Grief Journal for Teenagers.  Teens can write letters, copy down meaningful lyrics, write songs and poems, tell the person who died what they want them to know, finish business and use their crea ... Learn more »

Teen Grief Relief

Teen Grief Relief provides both parents and teens the help they need.  Shared here are teen stories, feelings, techniques, references and resources for use in surviving after a painful loss.

... Learn more »
Grief Recovery Handbook

This book comes highly recommended in helping those find healing in the deepest times of grief.

Incomplete recovery from grief can have a lifelong negative effect on the capacity for happ ... Learn more »

Grief Journal

Through a series of insightful, heartfelt questions, the author prompts each journaler to uncover the joy of knowing and the pain of losing a loved one and the effect that loss has on those who rem ... Learn more »

When a Man Faces Grief

12 Practical Ideas to Help You Heal From Loss

You'll find twelve short, easy-to-read chapters designed to introduce you to the basics of masculine grief and to help you identify your own ... Learn more »

Thoughts for the Grieving Christian Book and Journal

Uniquely packaged as a journal with brief chapters on relevant topics.

Section 1 - If Faith is the victory, Is my Pain a Defeat?
Section 2 - The Grieving Process
Section 3 - ... Learn more »

Grief - What it is and What you can Do

The information is practical, concise and easy to understand by young adults as well as adults.

Simple in length at 23 pages but addresses and acknowledges responses in grief and comforti ... Learn more »

Good Grief

In Good Grief, a best-known resource for dealing with loss, Granger Westberg uses gentle wisdom and acute insight into human nature to guide readers through the ten stages of shock, emotion, depres ... Learn more »

A Journey Through Grief

A Journey Through Grief

Gentle, Specific Help to Get Through the Most Difficult Stages of Grieving

Author:  Alla Renee Bozarth

In the long and anguishing journey of gr ... Learn more »

Grief in the Workplace Human Resources Handbook

This handbook is designed as a guide for Human Resources personnel, managers and co-workers divided into sections to allow the user to reference the areas of immediate need, based on the current si ... Learn more »

Swallowed by a Snake, The gift of the masculine side of healing

Swallowed by a Snake is a book for men or women about the masculine side of healing from loss.  Discover...*New and powerful ways to heal * How the genders differ in their healing * Greater underst ... Learn more »

The Secret of the Dragonfly

A story of hope and promise. Using the dragonfly's secret, a grandmother helps her grandson understand how they will always be together.

A beautiful story that explains "The Secret of the ... Learn more »

Psalms for Healing

The Psalms contain beautiful, comforting language but are often surrounded by verses that are not relevant to healing.  Person (Author) has created a resource that any caregiver, chaplain, nurse, o ... Learn more »

I Cried Too

I cried too™ is the touching autobiography of a bunny rabbit named Abundance, who witnessed a family tragedy. This illustrated christian children’s story, published in a beautiful four-color soft-b ... Learn more »

When Your Spouse Dies

The death of a spouse can create emotional, spiritual and financial chaos for the one left behind and is a journey through grief no one wishes to make.  In this helpful volume, Mildred Tengbom addr ... Learn more »

When Your Parent Dies

Even when the death of a parent is expected, the loss presents both unique challanges and opportunities for personal spiritual growth.  When Your Parent Dies is a brief, focused book that guides ad ... Learn more »

You Are Not Alone - Teens Talk About Life after the Loss of a Parent

The loss of a parent has been called "the loss that is forever" and young people who have suffered this loss feel especially different than those around them.  Lynn Hughes, author, founded Comfort ... Learn more »

Glimpses of Heaven

There is more to death than simply ceasing to live. In Glimpses of Heaven, retired hospice nurse Trudy Harris offers an intimate look at the final days and moments of terminally ill and dying peopl ... Learn more »

I Will See You In Heaven - Dog Lovers Edition

Friar Jack Wintz has been pondering this for years, and he is convinced that God’s loving relationship with creation includes the afterlife. Here, Friar Jack traces the history of God’s fatherly ca ... Learn more »

I Will See You in Heaven - Cat Lovers Edition

Yes, you will see your cat again—in heaven!

This beautiful book is the next in the series of bestselling (7 printings) books from Friar Jack Wintz and Paraclete Press that explain how the ... Learn more »

Roses in December - Comfort for the Grieving Heart

Used for years by individuals, grief counselors, and support groups, Roses in December has helped readers understand the grieving process, support family members, give insight into sibling grief, a ... Learn more »

When Death Walks In

The most popular book for ages 13 up. Includes information about going back to school, dreams, friends and looks at ways of facing grief during the teen years. Gives important information about gri ... Learn more »

Tear Soup

Best Childrens Book of the Year awarded by the Association of Theological Booksellers.

Tear Soup recognizes and reinforces the fact that every member of the family from the youngest to th ... Learn more »

We Were Gonna Have a Baby - But We Had an Angel Instead


This book will help children confront and manage their own grief over the loss of a sibling. 

We had an Angel Instead, the newest book from the creators of Learn more »

Remember....A Child Remembers

This journal is a unique tool for children who are grieving over the death of someone they love. There are pages for writing about the person's life and death, a goodbye letter,

a story a ... Learn more »

Footprints Journal

Journaling can be healing. It’s a good way to bring those thoughts that grind round and round in your mind out into view so you can articulate them and

see what is real in this moment and ... Learn more »

When A Grandparent Dies Jewish Workbook

Drawing on psychology and Jewish tradition, this workbook guides children from the immediacy of shiva through the entire year of mourning.

  For ages 7 to 13, it combines sensitive, down- ... Learn more »

Memories Too Few

This book will feel like you are walking with a friend down the difficult road of pregnancy or newborn loss.  Our review team loved her words of what helped.

  The Three H's - for advice ... Learn more »

Tree Prayer Journal

Peace strength and comfort can be found in words privately expressed in this beautifully detailed journal by Willow Tree.

 Cover is beautifully detailed with a stone remembrance angel wit ... Learn more »

Little Footprints

"Once in a lifetime, an individual enters our lives in a precious and powerful way.  For some of us, the special person stays for only a moment.  For others, longer.

  For some that child ... Learn more »

In the Company of Angels Memorial Book

For parents who have lost a baby, a place to record each moment of the pregnancy can be an important part of the healing process. In this special full-color book,

families can document al ... Learn more »

Miscarriage - a book for parents
When you have a miscarriage you have a very real and powerful grief.  It may be one of your first encounters with death.  It is certainly something you never forget.
Learn more »
Oodles of Doodles

“When I’m in pain, I go through Oodles of Doodles and it gets my mind off the pain. It helps me relax and have fun.”

  • A meaningful way to express their fears and concerns
  • Learn more »
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