Healing After Loss Daily Meditations

Healing After Loss Daily Meditations
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After the loss of a loved one there is, at first, a great buzz of activity as we make arrangements, as family and friends come together.  There is comfort in those close press of friends, in shared tears and hugs, in gifts of food, in remembering.  Religious services give meaning and hope as the community gathers around us in love and support.
But then the services are over, relatives and friends go home, and we are left to enter a new and strange land -- a land where one of the persons who has given meaning to our life is gone.

 This book of meditations follow the course of a year, but you can start anywhere.  They are brief because, particularly in the early stages of grieving our attention span is short, and a seminal thought will serve us better than an extended discussion.

This book will help in the road to recovery and reclamation of life.


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