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Train of Life

 At birth, we boarded the train of life and met our parents; we believed that they would always travel by our side. However, at some station, our parents would step down from the train, leaving us on life's journey alone. ... Read on »

Planning the Perfect Memorial Candle Light Service

To bring into community grievers utilizing a ritual can be one of the most powerful and meaningful events of remembrance. It can become a family tradition to honor their loved one during the holidays. It can also allow the new griever community in letting them know they are not alone. ... Read on »

What You Can Do For a Person Who is Bereaved

Immediate needs and needs down the road. ... Read on »

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Practical Ways You Can Help the Seriously Ill

Many of these suggestions come from patients, their families, and experienced caregivers. Support comes in many different forms and means different things to different people, so don't forget to personalize these ideas and come up with your own customized ways to help. Above everything else, remember how important it is to show that you care. ... Read on »

Can Spirituality Improve Your Health

Bottom Line/Health spoke to a leading expert in the healing power of prayer, Larry Dossey, MD, and found that about 200 studies have addressed prayer and health, and two-thirds showed positive results for prayer in treating various health conditions. ... Read on »

What To Say to a Loved One With A Serious Illness

Here are some tips for being that supportive person that we often strive to be ... Read on »

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If It Should Be

For Those who need to make the hard decision to let there pet go. ... Read on »

These are My Footprints

These are my footprints, so perfect and so small. These tiny footprints, never touched the ground at all. Not one tiny footprint, for now I have my wings.  These tiny footprints were meant for other things. ... Read on »

Little Angels

When God calls little children to dwell with Him above, We mortals sometimes question the wisdom of His love. ... Read on »

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Uncle Bill Is Everywhere

As a kid, I thought my uncle’s basement was filled with wonders. Neon signs from local bars hung on the walls. And then there were the mechanical toys. My uncle was known for keeping a crazy collection of battery controlled animals and cars. These were before wireless control and plastic injection molding. ... Read on »

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Randy Pausch - The Last Lecture - Achieving your Childhood Dreams

Randy Pausch - The Last Lecture - Achieving your Childhood Dreams ... Read on »

When Life has you feeling Down, Keep these Words in Mind...

When Life has you feeling Down, Keep these Words in Mind... ... Read on »

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The Holidays and Grief

I’ve been surrounding by grief for a long time and there are always a few suggestions that continually surface that seem to have the broadest help for those grieving during the holidays. ... Read on »

How to Help Those Grieving the Loss of a Child

Before the loss of my son, I never really understood why people sent food to families after a death. Wow, I appreciated that so much!! I could barely get up and dress myself, so the food was awesome .... Some sent uncooked casseroles that could be frozen and baked whenever, again, wonderful!!! ... Read on »

What Can You Learn about Estate Planning and Divorce from Robin Williams

Divorce not only throws a family into emotional turmoil but it creates many questions and decisions to be made that have enormous consequences in the future. Separating and providing financially for children from spouses is generally the first thought. However, additional thought needs to be given to future children and future spouses and how your estate will be distributed. Robin Williams from first appearance did estate planning right. His financial wealth did dictate some of his planning. He set up a trust to own his real estate, a Napa Valley mansion for sale at 29.9 million and a waterfront home in Tiburon, CA for approximately $6 million. ... Read on »

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