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Thank you so much for creating this site....cause in times like this some of us don't want to send flowers!
~ Maya

Wow, talk about wonderful customer service!!! I can't thank you enough!!! I will pass along to my friends what a wonderful company you are! In this day and age we don't see such wonderful service! Thank you so much. I t really means alot to me.
~ Jeannette

Thank you so much for the gift, the book on grieving has already found a home by my bedside, I read a little every night and it is a great comfort. I will use the journal as I need to write my thoughts on the healing process.
~ Jackie

My order has been received and I just want to compliment you for the very, very nice packaging. The statue was absolutely beautiful! Thank you.
~ Shirley

Thank you for getting back to me! I really like what you have to offer, and will continue to use you for personal and business sympathy gifts.
~ Carol

I ordered the bookmark/necklace for my Mom and she received it today. When my Dad died almost a year ago, I was not able to help out with any expenses but when I saw the necklace on your website, I knew it was something small and simple enough that Mom could keep with her everyday as a reminder that Dad and God are watching over her. She could barely thank me because she could not speak. I know she loved the gift. Thank you.
~ Harriett

Hi I received my frosted angel night light today and wanted to say how impressed I was with it. I was also very impressed with the packaging and the speedy delivery. This will surely be a comforting gift to someone who has experienced loss. Thank you again.
~ Laura

Thank you so much, this will mean a lot to my dear friend and her family. I will spread the word about your excellent service and website.
~ Tina

I found your website in searching the web for a pet memorial. I just wanted to let you know that you have a wonderful website - very easy to navigate and full of wonderful items. I wish I would have found this years ago when my dad passed away.
~ Lynn

The stones were wonderful. All the parents were so appreciative. I have had so many wonderful remarks about them. One grandmother even cried when she received it. Thank you for helping us to get them to our families.
~ Katherine - Prevention Services & Center for Infant & Child Loss Any Baby Can

Received the garden stone and it is beautiful. Thank you very much.
~ Cheryl M. - Pittsburgh, PA


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