Seriously Ill

Practical Ways You Can Help the Seriously Ill

Many of these suggestions come from patients, their families, and experienced caregivers. Support comes in many different forms and means different things to different people, so don't forget to personalize these ideas and come up with your own customized ways to help. Above everything else, remember how important it is to show that you care. ... Read on »

Can Spirituality Improve Your Health

Bottom Line/Health spoke to a leading expert in the healing power of prayer, Larry Dossey, MD, and found that about 200 studies have addressed prayer and health, and two-thirds showed positive results for prayer in treating various health conditions. ... Read on »

What To Say to a Loved One With A Serious Illness

Here are some tips for being that supportive person that we often strive to be ... Read on »

The Healing Power of Laughter

A year and a half ago, John McManamy interviewed me on the topic of humor in relation to mental health in a post he called “On the Dark Side of Humor.” I explained to him that of all my tools to combat depression and anxiety, humor is by far the most fun. I realize I run into trouble with some folks who think there is nothing funny about being depressed and not able to get up from bed. But even if you have a broken funny bone while buried in the Black Hole, the minute you surface I think it’s helpful to look back and poke fun of what just happened. If that is at all possible. ... Read on »

8 Survival Tips for the Spouse of a Terminally Ill Person

The other day, I had the honor of interviewing Owen Stanley Surman, M.D., a practicing hospital psychiatrist known internationally for his work on psychiatric and ethical aspects of solid organ transplantation. ... Read on »

Dignity therapy helps terminally ill patients

Using a technique called dignity therapy, psychologist Lori Montross interviewed Dralle five months before his death about meaningful life moments, lessons he'd learned and those he wished to pass on to loved ones. She transcribed their audio recordings, then read the transcript aloud to Dralle, who edited it to his liking. The resulting 14-page "legacy document" was bundled into a leather binder for him to bequeath to whomever he pleased ... Read on »

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is increasingly used in medical treatment programs to reduce symptoms, improve coping, and enhance quality of life 1,2. Cancer patients use therapeutic massage to improve symptom control and their personal sense of wellbeing. ... Read on »

The Ten Commandments for Cancer Survival

Thou shalt regard the word "Cancer" as exactly that: a word. Nothing more, nothing less. For it's original meaning has changed mightily over the years, as have such words as Smallpox, TB, and Polio, all once dreaded ailments, now non-existent as maladies. And thus, too, shalt go thy Cancer. The answer shall come to those who shall be present to hear it. Be present to hear it when it comes ... Read on »

What Does the Bible Say about Coping/dealing with a Terminal Illness?

Answer: It certainly can be difficult to accept some of the sorrowful twists and turns that life brings our way. And there are few things that can stir the human soul more than the news of a terminal illness diagnosis. First of all, know that Jesus cares. Our Savior wept when His beloved friend Lazarus died (John 11:35), and His heart was touched by the sorrow of Jairus’ family (Luke 8:41-42). ... Read on »

When Your Friend has Cancer - 10 Ways to Help

Katherine was a healthy, active woman who exercised regularly, watched her weight and was careful to eat balanced nutritious meals. ... Read on »

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