The Angel Coin

The Angel Coin
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Laminated Bookmark with poem and copper coin with punchout angel is the perfect reminder that God's angels are with us.  Poem reads:


The Angel Coin

God's angel in a coin

Is just the ideal place

To remind you that

you're guarded

In each burden that you face.

For living in this world

Does not guarantee

That our lives are filled

with sunshine

Or our days are trouble-free.

So when hours are filled

with sadness

And we need someone to care,

It's so helpful to remember

That God's angels are aware.

In your day-to-day encounters,

This coin will help remind you

These celestial beings help you

In the trials you go through.

So carry this coin with you,

And then you'll surely know

That heavenly powers

guide you

Wherever you may go.


2" x 6"


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