The Holidays and Grief

I’ve been surrounding by grief for a long time and there are always a few suggestions that continually surface that seem to have the broadest help for those grieving. I love the list 64 Tips for Coping with Grief during the Holidays  but for some 64 may be pushing your attention span. Yes, attention span and patience are limited during grief.  Also, anger seems to surface quite a bit more, I’m guessing from the stress you normally feel during the holidays and times 10 now.   So how about we keep it short and simple for now and limit this list to the just a few and note I tend to be a “doer” so take it with a grain of salt. If you just feel like getting away from everyone the first year, do it, there are no rules and there should be no expectations of “doing what you think others expect of you”!  If that is the case , you might read this article  from Travel & Leisure magazine How a Weekend Getaway Helped Me While Grieving


  • Take your own car, always allow yourself the ability to escape when needed.  (I’m also a believer in this for children at school or when you are at work).  Sometimes you just need to walk away.
  • It’s ok to talk about the person.  Don’t let it be an elephant in the room.  Tell fun stories, remember your favorite times and enjoy all that you had together!  Let everyone know ahead of time to be ready to tell their favorite story or memory.  You might even set out old photo albums.  If you want to remember and cherish these memories have each person create a page for a scrap book album or photo page writing about their memory.  When everyone has left you now have a ready to go memory album that you will forever cherish.  This is an especially great article with ideas on creating Memorial Albums After Loss.

Ok, we’ve kept it to just a few suggestions.  But we know there are so many so feel free to email us your suggestions and we would love to create a more in-depth article for those seeking solace during the holidays.

Cherish the memories and you are not in this alone.  So many are grieving around you.  If you open yourself up to those around you, there is someone to walk beside you.




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