The Path

You leave behind such memories
That loved ones will hold dear
They'll take them down the path of life
Though that path may seem unclear

It's missing that bright sunny warmth
And those skies of blue
That always seemed to be there
When they walked that path with you

Today they gather together
As you watch them from above
And learn to walk a new life path
Now lit with just your love

They start out with uncertainty
It's not the path they knew
When they walked life's path before
Hand in Hand with you

Your light will never really fade
It gets brighter every day
As you lead them down the path
And you show them the way

So guide them with a gentle hand
Down that Path Unknown
And help them through the twists and turns
As they make their way back home

Those last few steps may be quite hard
And difficult to bare
But the path ends at Heaven's Gate
And they will find you there

So begin your journey today my friends
Keep pushing through the pain
He waits for you at Heaven's Gates
And you will be together again

Copyright © 2011 Rebecca Heibein

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