The Secret of the Dragonfly

The Secret of the Dragonfly
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A story of hope and promise. Using the dragonfly's secret, a grandmother helps her grandson understand how they will always be together.

A beautiful story that explains "The Secret of the Dragonfly". "Many people don't know that a dragonfly lives as a water bug on the bottom of the pond until it's ready to become a dragonfly.  Water bugs scoot and skitter around the bottom of a pond from one to five years.  When they have been there long enough to almost become a dragonfly, they begin to crawl up the stalk of a water plant.  Once they become a dragonfly, they can never again return to the bottom of the pond. 

How is that just like us?  We are born on this earth and we scoot and skitter around, learning everything we can, loving our family and friends, just living our lives.  When it is time, our human body is no longer needed; but our spirit does not die.  Our spirit passes on to a new life."

This beautiful story lends hope to the new life our loved one has encountered.

Optional dragonfly earrings available in the drop down.

Written by Gayle Shaw Cramer

Beautiful Illustrations by Jan Jones


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